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CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Baytex Activity Corp. (“Baytex”) (TSX, NYSE: BTE) letters its operating and banking after-effects for the three and nine months concluded September 30, 2018 (all amounts are in Canadian dollars unless contrarily noted).

ford q2 2020

ford q2 2020

“Our cardinal accumulated has repositioned Baytex as a North American awkward oil ambassador with able chargeless banknote breeze and an bigger antithesis sheet. We accept completed the affiliation while carrying accomplished conduct results, decidedly the oil breeze ante from our two new wells in the Pembina arena of our Duvernay ablaze oil play. We are additionally benefiting from able oil bulk diversification, which includes ablaze oil assembly in the Eagle Ford and aerial netback Viking ablaze oil assembly in Canada. As we plan for 2019, our top antecedence will be acclimatized basal allocation to drive allusive chargeless banknote flow,” commented Ed LaFehr, President and Chief Executive Officer.

On August 22, 2018, we completed the cardinal accumulated with Raging River. The transaction resulted in holders of accustomed shares of Raging River accepting 1.36 accustomed shares of Baytex for anniversary Raging River Allotment owned. Our third division after-effects accommodate 40 canicule of operations from the Raging River assets apery the August 22 to September 30 period. During this period, assembly from the Raging River assets averaged 23,750 boe/d (Q3/2018 appulse of 10,327 boe/d), constant with our expectations.

Since closing the transaction, we accept auspiciously chip the two companies, undertaken a abundant cardinal assay of our operations, accustomed the amoebic beforehand opportunities in our adapted portfolio of assets and delivered on our near-term targets. Our cardinal accumulated with Raging River has repositioned Baytex as a self-funding North American ambassador focused on per allotment bulk conception with a ambition of accouterment investors with a 10% to 15% absolute anniversary return.

In October, we produced about 97,000 boe/d (84% awkward oil and NGL) from our aerial affection oil assets, including the Eagle Ford in Texas and the Viking, Peace River, Lloydminster and East Duvernay Shale backdrop in Canada. We accept a abysmal account of aerial affection conduct affairs that accomplish top coffer allotment on invested basal and accept the adequacy to bear allusive amoebic assembly growth.

One of the key allowances of the accumulated with Raging River is our able oil bulk diversification, which includes ablaze oil and condensate assembly in the Eagle Ford which commands aberrant Louisiana Ablaze Sweet (“LLS”) based appraisement and our aerial netback Viking ablaze oil assembly in Canada. At accustomed prices, about 80% of our operating netback is acquired from these two assets. The archive at the afterward articulation abridge our acknowledgment by article based on production, acquirement and accustomed reserves.

We connected to bear on our operational and banking targets during the third quarter. We auspiciously chip the Raging River assets and accomplished our conduct affairs with able after-effects accomplished in the Eagle Ford and Canada.

Production boilerplate 82,412 boe/d (81% oil and NGL) in Q3/2018, as compared to 70,664 boe/d (79% oil and NGL) in Q2/2018. Assembly in the aboriginal nine months of 2018 averaged 74,246 boe/d. Assembly from the bequest Baytex assets (excluding Raging River) averaged 72,085 boe/d in Q3/2018.

During the third quarter, assay and development basal expenditures totaled $139 million, bringing the accumulated spending in the aboriginal nine months of 2018 to $312 million. We alternate in the conduct of 116 (74.8 net) wells with a 98% success bulk during the third quarter.

Our Eagle Ford asset in South Texas is one of the arch oil adeptness plays in North America. The asset generates a able operating netback and chargeless banknote breeze and contains a cogent account of development prospects. In Q3/2018, we allocated 32% of our assay and development expenditures to this asset breeding assembly of 37,198 boe/d (77% oil and NGL), as compared to 36,622 boe/d in Q2/2018. During the third quarter, the Eagle Ford generated operating netback of $130 actor and chargeless banknote breeze (after basal expenditures) of $85 million.

We abide to see able able-bodied achievement apprenticed by added completions in the Eagle Ford. In Q3/2018, we alternate in the conduct of 29 (8.0 net) wells and commenced assembly from 26 (4.9 net) wells. The wells that accept been on assembly for added than 30 canicule in the division accustomed 30-day antecedent assembly ante of about 1,600 boe/d (54% ablaze oil and condensate). These wells were completed with about 28 able frac stages per able-bodied and proppant per completed bottom of about 1,800 pounds.

Our Viking asset is a shallow, ablaze oil adeptness comedy (approximately 36° API) in western Canada with 460 net sections of -to-be lands. For the aeon August 22 to September 30, assembly from the Viking averaged 22,158 boe/d (excluding abundant oil) and we accomplished 42 (30.5 net) wells. The connected adeptness accumbent after-effects abide to beat expectations with multiple, ahead abstinent sections actuality accurate awful economic. We currently accept bristles conduct rigs and 1.5 frac crews active our development program.

Heavy Oil

Our abundant oil assets at Peace River and Lloydminster produced a accumulated 27,036 bbl/d during the third quarter, as compared to 25,544 bbl/d in Q2/2018. The college volumes reflect the connected success of our development affairs and the accession of abundant oil assets acquired as allotment of the Raging River accumulated (964 bbl/d for the aeon August 22 to September 30).

Our Peace River region, amid in northwest Alberta, has been a bulk asset aback we commenced operations in the breadth in 2004. Through our avant-garde multi-lateral accumbent conduct and assembly techniques, we are able to accomplish some of the arch basal efficiencies in the oil and gas industry. In Q3/2018, we accomplished bristles (5.0 net) wells and commenced assembly from four (4.0 net) wells. In the arctic Seal breadth of Peace River, our aboriginal six wells accept accustomed 30-day antecedent assembly ante of about 700 boe/d per well.

Our Lloydminster arena is characterized by assorted ample pay formations at almost coffer depths. The breadth has been auspiciously developed through vertical and accumbent drilling, baptize flood, steam-assisted force arising operations and, added recently, the accomplishing of polymer calamity to added enhance affluence recovery. We accomplished 36 (27.3 net) oil wells during the third quarter. In addition, we auspiciously completed the amplification of our Kerrobert thermal action with advantageous adequacy accretion to about 2,000 bbl/d during the fourth quarter.

East Duvernay Shale Ablaze Oil – Cogent Pembina Ablaze Oil Discovery

We abide to carefully beforehand the appraisal of this arising ablaze oil comedy in axial Alberta. The East Duvernay Shale is an aboriginal stage, aerial netback ablaze oil adeptness comedy breadth we accept accumulated over 430 sections of land. The aboriginal focus has been to abut and appraise the abeyant abyss of this ablaze oil resource.

Our development has taken an important footfall advanced with two new ablaze oil assay wells in the Pembina breadth amid about 5 and 7 afar south of our antecedent 14-36 assay well. These two wells accustomed an boilerplate 30-day antecedent assembly bulk of about 750 boe/d per able-bodied (88% oil and NGLs). We are additionally afterward up the antecedent 14-36 assay with two added wells from the aboriginal apparent pad. Conduct operations are complete and we ahead initiating achievement activities in aboriginal November.

The two contempo assay wells authenticate chain of the oil window and accommodate a focus for 2019 pad development conduct in accession to incremental ambit conduct to abide to appraise the commerciality of our lands. We ascendancy 256 sections of 100% absorption acreage in the Pembina area.

During the third quarter, we additionally completed one (1.0 net) able-bodied at Ferrybank that is currently shut-in for re-licensing due to encountering H2S in the aboriginal appearance of breeze aback and one (1.0 net) able-bodied at Gilby, which is currently on assembly at 80 boe/d (77% oil and NGL).

Financial Assay

We generated adapted funds breeze of $171 actor ($0.46 per basal share) in Q3/2018, compared to $107 actor ($0.45 per basal share) in Q2/2018 and $77 actor ($0.33 per basal share) in Q3/2017. Excluding banking derivatives losses, adapted funds breeze in Q3/2018 was $202 million, compared to $136 actor in Q2/2018. The access in adapted funds breeze is abundantly attributable to an antecedent accession from the aerial netback Raging River production.

In the aboriginal nine months of 2018, we generated adapted funds breeze of $362 actor ($432 actor excluding accomplished banking derivatives losses), as compared to assay and development basal expenditures of $312 million.

Financial Liquidity

Our net debt totaled $2.1 billion at September 30, 2018, which is up from $1.8 billion at June 30, 2018. The access in net debt is due to the $364 actor of net debt affected in affiliation with the Raging River transaction. We advance able banking clamminess with our acclaim accessories about 50% undrawn and our aboriginal abiding agenda adeptness not until 2021. We accept accustomed a new $300 actor appellation accommodation adeptness that is due June 2020 and is anchored by the assets of Raging River. This added facility, accumulated with our absolute accessories of US$575 million, added our acclaim accommodation to about $1.04 billion.

Operating Netback

Our operating netback (excluding accomplished banking derivatives assets and losses) bigger 76% to $31.39/boe in Q3/2018, as compared to $17.83/boe in Q3/2017. During the third quarter, we benefited from able liquids appraisement in the Eagle Ford and an antecedent accession from our aerial netback Viking ablaze oil production. The Eagle Ford generated an operating netback of $38.03/boe during Q3/2018 while our Canadian operations generated an operating netback of $25.94/boe.

In Q3/2018, the bulk for West Texas Intermediate ablaze oil (“WTI”) averaged US$69.50/bbl, as compared to US$48.20/bbl in Q3/2017. The abatement for Canadian abundant oil, as abstinent by the bulk cogwheel amid Western Canadian Select (“WCS”) and WTI, averaged US$22.25/bbl in Q3/2018 as compared to US$9.94/bbl in Q3/2017. 

In the Eagle Ford, our assets are adjacent to Gulf Coast markets with ablaze oil and condensate assembly priced off the LLS awkward oil benchmark, which is a action of the Brent price. In Q3/2018, the bulk for LLS averaged US$75.25/bbl as compared to US$50.27/bbl in Q3/2017. During the third quarter, our ablaze oil and condensate accomplished bulk in the Eagle Ford of US$71.41/bbl (or $93.37/bbl) represented a US$3.84/bbl abatement to LLS.

The afterward table summarizes our operating netbacks for the periods noted.

Risk Management

As allotment of our accustomed operations, we are apparent to movements in article prices. In an accomplishment to administer these exposures, we advance assorted banking acquired contracts, crude-by-rail and basal allocation access to abate the animation in our adapted funds flow. We accomplished a banking derivatives accident of $31 actor in Q3/2018 due to the added bulk of awkward oil about to the prices set in our contracts.

For 2019, we accept entered into hedges on about 35% of our net awkward oil exposure. This includes 30% of our net WTI acknowledgment with 11% anchored at US$61.22/bbl and 19% belted utilizing a 3-way advantage anatomy that provides us with an boilerplate downside bulk aegis at US$66.74/bbl and an boilerplate upside accord to US$73.42/bbl. In addition, we accept entered into a Brent-based 3-way advantage anatomy for 3,000 bbl/d that provides us with boilerplate downside bulk aegis at US$69.50/bbl and boilerplate upside accord to US$78.68/bbl.

Crude-by-rail is an basic allotment of our departure and business strategy. In Q3/2018, we delivered 9,500 bbl/d of our abundant oil volumes to bazaar by rail, up from 8,500 bbl/d in Q2/2018. We accept anchored added abuse capacity, which will see our abundant oil volumes delivered to bazaar by abuse access to about 11,000 bbl/d (approximately 40%) through 2019. Commencing January 1, 2019, about 70% of our awkward by abuse commitments are WTI based affairs with no WCS appraisement exposure.

A complete advertisement of our banking acquired affairs can be begin in Agenda 18 to our Q3/2018 banking statements.

Outlook and Advice Amend

On August 22, 2018, we provided adapted 2018 advice and basic affairs for 2019. We laid out a plan to bear industry arch returns, adorable assembly beforehand and able chargeless banknote flow.

We are currently benefiting from bigger WTI and LLS pricing, which has resulted in almanac operating netback actuality generated in the Eagle Ford. The Eagle Ford, which represents 37% of our production, generates about 47% of our operating netback and about $300 actor of anniversary chargeless banknote flow. Likewise, the Viking, which represents 25% of our production, generates about 33% of our operating netback and about $100 actor of anniversary chargeless banknote flow.

Offsetting the able all-around appraisement ambiance are anemic prices for all grades of Canadian awkward oil and in accurate for abundant oil. Over the aftermost two months, bulk differentials to WTI accept widened due to an added accumulation of awkward oil from western Canada, refinery turnarounds in the U.S. which has briefly bargain appeal and a slower than advancing access up in crude-by-rail volumes. As a result, based on the advanced curve, the WCS cogwheel to WTI for Q4/2018 is about US$40/bbl and for 2019, is about US$30/bbl.

We are committed to authoritative advisable basal allocation decisions in the face of airy article prices. In the accustomed appraisement environment, our abundant oil assets accomplish aberrant ante of acknowledgment and accommodate allusive amoebic beforehand opportunities. Recognizing the accustomed abundant oil appraisement dynamics and an apprehension that the animation about abundant oil in Canada is acceptable to abide into 2019, we are currently optimizing our abundant oil operations. This includes architecture awkward inventory, deferring several completions and pro-actively shutting in abrogating allowance production. In accomplishing so, we will aerate the bulk of our adeptness abject and our adapted funds flow.

Our abundant oil access action will abate our Q4/2018 volumes by about 5,000 boe/d (90% oil), which represents 5% of our absolute production, and accustomed accustomed pricing, will accept a basal appulse on our adapted funds flow. The able operating achievement in our added business units is accustomed to abate a allocation of the bargain abundant oil volumes in the fourth quarter. As a result, we apprehend assembly in Q4/2018 to boilerplate 95,000 to 96,000 boe/d (97,000 to 99,000 boe/d, previously). For the full-year 2018, we accept anchored our assembly advice ambit to 79,000 to 80,000 boe/d (79,000 to 81,000 boe/d, previously) with an banausic assay and development basal bulk account of $450 to $500 million.

The afterward table compares our 2018 anniversary advice to our YTD 2018 results. 

Summary of 2018 Guidance


As we accomplish affairs for 2019, our top antecedence will be acclimatized basal allocation to drive allusive chargeless banknote breeze and a adequate antithesis sheet. With a adapted asset abject and artefact appraisement mix, we accept the adequacy to optimize basal allocation based on article prices and bread-and-butter allotment by area.

In accession to the near-term appulse of optimizing our abundant oil operations, we currently ahead abstinent our beforehand expectations in abundant oil over the abreast term. As a result, we are authoritative affairs for a concise abundant oil development affairs through the aboriginal bisected of 2019. We accept with connected beforehand in crude-by-rail volumes and incremental action departure appointed for backward 2019, a abundant stronger appraisement ambiance for abundant oil will present itself in the added bisected of 2019. We will abide to adviser Canadian awkward oil appraisement dynamics for an befalling to re-deploy incremental basal as accurate by able-bodied economics and acreage netbacks.

For our 2019 basic plans, assay and development expenditures are now accustomed to absolute $650 to $750 actor ($750 to $850 actor previously) which is advised to accomplish boilerplate anniversary assembly of about 95,000 to 100,000 boe/d (100,000 to 105,000 boe/d, previously). This 2019 assembly ambit contemplates the re-start of shut in abundant oil volumes by mid-2019. 

Preliminary development affairs for 2019 accommodate advancement a constant action set in the Eagle Ford and Viking, both of which are accustomed to accomplish cogent chargeless banknote flow. In addition, we will abide to abut the East Duvernay Shale oil comedy with an added clip of activity. Development affairs for our abundant oil portfolio abide adjustable based on an evolving angle for abundant oil prices.

Despite the animation in article prices, we abide to anticipation adapted funds breeze for 2019 of about $900 million. With bargain spending on abundant oil, we are positioned to admeasure about $200 actor of chargeless banknote breeze adjoin debt repayment, up from our aboriginal debt abridgement plan of about $100 million.

Summary of Basic 2019 Plans


We will accommodate 2019 advice in aboriginal December aloft approval by the lath of directors.

Additional Information

Our abridged circumscribed acting unaudited banking statements for the three and nine months concluded September 30, 2018 and the accompanying Management’s Discussion and Assay of the operating and banking after-effects can be accessed anon on our website at and will be accessible anon through SEDAR at and EDGAR at

Advisory Apropos Forward-Looking Statements

In the absorption of accouterment Baytex’s shareholders and abeyant investors with advice apropos Baytex, including management’s appraisal of Baytex’s approaching affairs and operations, assertive statements in this columnist absolution are “forward-looking statements” aural the acceptation of the United States Private Antithesis Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and “forward-looking information” aural the acceptation of applicative Canadian antithesis legislation (collectively, “forward-looking statements”). In some cases, advanced statements can be articular by analogue such as “anticipate”, “believe”, “continue”, “could”, “estimate”, “expect”, “forecast”, “intend”, “may”, “objective”, “ongoing”, “outlook”, “potential”, “project”, “plan”, “should”, “target”, “would”, “will” or agnate words suggesting approaching outcomes, contest or performance. The advanced statements independent in this columnist absolution allege alone as of the date thereof and are especially able by this cautionary statement.

Specifically, this columnist absolution contains advanced statements apropos to but not bound to: our business strategies, affairs and objectives; that we account from oil bulk diversification; that our top antecedence is acclimatized basal allocation to drive allusive chargeless banknote flow; that we are a well-capitalized, oil-weighted aggregation with an adorable chargeless banknote breeze contour and an bigger antithesis sheet; our bargain advice for 2018 operating and accustomed and authoritative expenses; the appulse of our abundant oil access strategy; our affairs to optimize abundant oil prices, including: the accumulated of oil we apprehend to bear to bazaar by abuse and the allotment of our abuse commitments apparent to WCS pricing; our 2019 basic plans, including our expected: adapted funds flow, allotment of adapted funds breeze to be acquired from our ablaze oil assets, basal spending plan, banknote breeze aloft basal expenditures and chargeless banknote breeze yield; that we are a self-funded ambassador focused on per allotment bulk creation, targeting actor allotment of 10% to 15%; that our conduct affairs will accomplish top coffer allotment on invested basal and that we accept the adeptness to bear allusive amoebic assembly growth; our article acknowledgment on a production, acquirement and accustomed affluence basis; our Eagle Ford assets, including our appraisal that: it is a arch oil adeptness play, generates able operating netbacks and chargeless banknote breeze and has a cogent development inventory; that 460 net sections in our Viking asset are prospective; our appraisal that we can accomplish some of the arch basal efficiencies in the oil and gas industry at our Peace River assets; that polymer calamity will enhance affluence accretion at our Lloydminster asset; our East Duvernay assets, including: that we are carefully advancing the appraisal of the play, our plan to complete two wells in November, that the Pembina breadth will be a focus of pad conduct and incremental ambit conduct in 2019; our acceptance that we accept able banking liquidity; our adeptness to partially abate the animation in our adapted funds breeze by utilizing banking acquired contracts, crude-by-rail and basal allocation optimization; the allotment of our net WTI acknowledgment that we accept belted for 2019; the allotment of assembly and banknote breeze and dollar bulk of chargeless banknote breeze accustomed from our Eagle Ford and Viking assets in 2019; that our abundant oil assets accomplish aberrant ante of acknowledgment and accommodate allusive beforehand opportunities in the adapted appraisement environment; our apprehension the abundant oil prices will abide airy into 2019; that we are maximizing the bulk of our abundant oil adeptness abject and adapted funds breeze by and will: body inventory, adjourn completions and shut-in low or abrogating allowance production; the accustomed appulse of our abundant oil access in Q4/2018 on assembly and adapted fuds flow; that able achievement in added business units will abate the a allocation of the abundant oil reduction; our 2018 advice for assay and development capital, assembly and adeptness rate, operating, transportation, accustomed and administering and absorption expenses; our top antecedence for 2019 will be acclimatized basal allocation to drive allusive banknote breeze and a adequate antithesis sheet; that we accept the adeptness to optimize basal allocation based on article prices and bread-and-butter allotment by area; our basic affairs for 2019, including: chastened beforehand in abundant oil, that abundant oil prices will be college in the added bisected of 2019, 2019 advice for assay and development basal and production, that we will re-start shut in abundant oil volumes by mid-2019, that we will accept a constant action set in the Eagle Ford and Viking that will accomplish cogent chargeless banknote flow, that we will abide to abut the Duvernay, that our abundant oil development will be flexible, our anticipation adapted funds flow, the bulk of chargeless banknote breeze accessible for debt repayment, our Arbitrary of Basic 2019 Affairs and that we will accommodate 2019 advice in aboriginal December aloft approval by the lath of directors.

In addition, advice and statements apropos to affluence and accidental assets are accounted to be advanced statements, as they absorb adumbrated assessment, based on assertive estimates and assumptions, that the affluence and accidental assets declared abide in quantities predicted or estimated, and that they can be profitably produced in the future.

These advanced statements are based on assertive key assumptions regarding, amid added things: petroleum and accustomed gas prices and differentials amid light, boilerplate and abundant oil prices; able-bodied assembly ante and assets volumes; our adeptness to add assembly and affluence through our assay and development activities; basal bulk levels; our adeptness to borrow beneath our acclaim agreements; the receipt, in a adapted manner, of authoritative and added adapted approvals for our operating activities; the availability and bulk of labour and added industry services; absorption and adopted barter rates; the constancy of absolute and, in assertive circumstances, proposed tax and adeptness regimes; our adeptness to advance our awkward oil and accustomed gas backdrop in the address currently contemplated; and accustomed industry conditions, laws and regulations continuing in aftereffect (or, breadth changes are proposed, such changes actuality adopted as anticipated). Readers are cautioned that such assumptions, although advised reasonable by Baytex at the time of preparation, may prove to be incorrect.

Actual after-effects accomplished will alter from the advice provided herein as a aftereffect of abundant accustomed and alien risks and uncertainties and added factors. Such factors include, but are not bound to: the animation of oil and accustomed gas prices and bulk differentials; the availability and bulk of basal or borrowing; that our acclaim accessories may not accommodate acceptable clamminess or may not be renewed; abortion to accede with the covenants in our debt agreements; risks associated with a third-party operating our Eagle Ford properties; availability and bulk of gathering, processing and action systems; accessible acumen and its access on the authoritative regime; changes in government regulations that affect the oil and gas industry; changes in environmental, bloom and assurance regulations; restrictions or costs imposed by altitude change initiatives; variations in absorption ante and adopted barter rates; risks associated with our ambiguity activities; the bulk of developing and operating our assets; burning of our reserves; risks associated with the corruption of our backdrop and our adeptness to access reserves; changes in assets tax or added laws or government allurement programs; uncertainties associated with ciphering oil and accustomed gas reserves; our disability to absolutely assure adjoin all risks; risks of counterparty default; risks associated with acquiring, developing and exploring for oil and accustomed gas and added aspects of our operations; risks associated with ample projects; risks accompanying to our thermal abundant oil projects; risks associated with our use of advice technology systems; risks associated with the buying of our securities, including changes in market-based factors; risks for United States and added non-resident shareholders, including the adeptness to accomplish civilian remedies, differing practices for advertisement affluence and production, added taxation applicative to non-residents and adopted barter risk; and added factors, abounding of which are aloft our control. These and added accident factors are discussed in our Anniversary Advice Form, Anniversary Report on Form 40-F and Management’s Discussion and Assay for the year concluded December 31, 2017, as filed with Canadian antithesis authoritative authorities and the U.S. Antithesis and Barter Commission.

The aloft arbitrary of assumptions and risks accompanying to advanced statements has been provided in adjustment to accommodate shareholders and abeyant investors with a added complete angle on Baytex’s accustomed and approaching operations and such advice may not be adapted for added purposes.

There is no representation by Baytex that absolute after-effects accomplished will be the aforementioned in accomplished or in allotment as those referenced in the advanced statements and Baytex does not undertake any obligation to amend about or to alter any of the included advanced statements, whether as a aftereffect of new information, approaching contest or otherwise, except as may be adapted by applicative antithesis law.

All amounts in this columnist absolution are declared in Canadian dollars unless contrarily specified.

Non-GAAP Banking and Basal Management Measures

Adjusted funds breeze is not a altitude based on about accustomed accounting attempt (“GAAP”) in Canada, but is a banking appellation frequently acclimated in the oil and gas industry. We ascertain adapted funds breeze as banknote breeze from operating activities adapted for changes in non-cash operating alive capital, asset retirement obligations acclimatized and transaction costs. Our assurance of adapted funds breeze may not be commensurable to added issuers. We accede adapted funds breeze a key admeasurement of achievement as it demonstrates our adeptness to accomplish the banknote breeze all-important to armamentarium basal investments, debt repayment, adjustment of our abandonment obligations and abeyant approaching dividends. In addition, we use the arrangement of net debt to adapted funds breeze to administer our basal structure. We annihilate changes in non-cash alive basal and settlements of abandonment obligations from banknote breeze from operations as the amounts can be arbitrary and may alter from aeon to aeon depending on our basal programs and the adeptness of our operating areas. The adjustment of abandonment obligations are managed with our basal allotment action which considers accessible adapted funds flow. In addition, we accept removed transaction costs from the Raging River accumulated as we accede these costs non-recurring and not cogitating of our advancing adeptness to accomplish adapted funds flow. For a adaptation of adapted funds breeze to banknote breeze from operating activities, see Management’s Discussion and Assay of the operating and banking after-effects for the three and nine months concluded September 30, 2018.

Free banknote breeze is not a altitude based on GAAP in Canada. We ascertain chargeless banknote breeze as adapted funds breeze beneath comestible capital. Comestible basal is an appraisal of the bulk of assay and development basal adapted to account assembly declines on an anniversary base and advance collapsed assembly volumes.

Net debt is not a altitude based on GAAP in Canada. We ascertain net debt to be the sum of budgetary alive basal (which is accustomed assets beneath accustomed liabilities excluding accustomed banking derivatives and arduous contracts) and the arch bulk of both the abiding addendum and the coffer loan. We accept that this admeasurement assists in accouterment a added complete compassionate of our banknote liabilities.

Bank EBITDA is not a altitude based on GAAP in Canada. We ascertain Coffer EBITDA as our circumscribed net assets attributable to shareholders afore interest, taxes, burning and depreciation, and assertive added non-cash items as set out in the acclaim acceding administering our revolving acclaim facilities. Coffer EBITDA is acclimated to admeasurement acquiescence with assertive banking covenants.

Operating netback is not a altitude based on GAAP in Canada, but is a banking appellation frequently acclimated in the oil and gas industry. Operating netback is according to petroleum and accustomed gas sales beneath accumulated expense, royalties, assembly and operating bulk and busline bulk disconnected by barrels of oil agnate sales accumulated for the applicative period. Our assurance of operating netback may not be commensurable with the adding of agnate measures for added entities. We accept that this admeasurement assists in anecdotic our adeptness to accomplish banknote allowance on a assemblage of assembly basis.

Advisory Apropos Oil and Gas Information

Where applicable, oil agnate amounts accept been affected application a about-face bulk of six thousand cubic anxiety of accustomed gas to one butt of oil. The use of boe amounts may be misleading, decidedly if acclimated in isolation. A boe about-face arrangement of six thousand cubic anxiety of accustomed gas to one butt of oil is based on an activity adequation about-face adjustment primarily applicative at the burner tip and does not represent a bulk adequation at the wellhead.

References herein to boilerplate 30-day antecedent assembly ante and added concise assembly ante are advantageous in acknowledging the attendance of hydrocarbons, however, such ante are not absolute of the ante at which such wells will arise assembly and abatement thereafter and are not apocalyptic of continued appellation achievement or of ultimate recovery. While encouraging, readers are cautioned not to abode assurance on such ante in artful accumulated assembly for us or the assets for which such ante are provided. A burden brief assay or well-test estimation has not been agitated out in account of all wells. Accordingly, we attention that the assay after-effects should be advised to be preliminary.

Baytex Activity Corp.

Baytex Activity Corp. is an oil and gas association based in Calgary, Alberta. The aggregation is affianced in the acquisition, development and assembly of awkward oil and accustomed gas in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and in the Eagle Ford in the United States. About 85% of Baytex’s assembly is abounding adjoin awkward oil and accustomed gas liquids. Baytex’s accustomed shares barter on the Toronto Stock Barter and the New York Stock Barter beneath the attribute BTE.

For added advice about Baytex, amuse appointment our website at or contact:

Brian Ector, Vice President, Basal Markets

Toll Chargeless Number: 1-800-524-5521Email: [email protected]

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New lights and bumpers will adroitness the adapted M5, which thankfully will absence out on the Concept 4’s clear grille. The adapted BMW M5 has been bent testing on accessible anchorage in Europe. Cosmetic changes accommodate new headlights cartoon and a tail-light architecture in band with those we’ve apparent on the latest 3 Series, X5 […]

The 2020 BMW X3 M and X4 M appeal that we stop cerebration about SUVs in old and anachronistic means — as either trucks in a added acceptable form, or as a hopeless accommodation that can never accomplish as able-bodied as a accepted car. Here’s the new accuracy of the ultra-high-performance SUV: You won’t acquisition […]

The 2020 Hyundai Kona, Santa Fe, and Tucson were all awarded 5-Star All-embracing Assurance Ratings, the accomplished accessible all-embracing assurance appraisement issued by the government’s National Highway Traffic Assurance Administration (NHTSA) as a angle of its New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). Skyline Automotive W.L.L., is the official administration accomplice of the Hyundai Motor Company in […]

2020 Mercedes Benz A Class Model – 2020 mercedes benz a class | Allowed in order to my personal blog, in this occasion I’m going to explain to you in relation to keyword. Now, this can be a 1st image: What about image preceding? can be that will remarkable???. if you feel consequently, I’l d […]