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2019 Honda Odyssey Concept

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Review There are so many enthusiasts excited about the launch of the next 2019 Honda Odyssey. It is likely that the company decides to invest heavily in functionality rather than style. The new model will be much safer, more powerful and more durable. He will use the new materials in his initial construction. With very

2019 Honda Ridgeline Concept

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Review On top of that, it should offer more off-road capabilities without having to compromise on anything. As before, the new model will remain a monohull truck. This means that it will not have a scale frame on which a body is usually installed. There are disadvantages in this design but many advantages. Although it

2019 Honda Pilot Concept

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Review One of the biggest shortcomings of the current car is the way it works. Although it is very convenient for its price, you can feel too disconnected from the road. To change this, Honda decides to install new shock absorbers and springs. This would allow the 2019 Honda Pilot to offer about the same

2019 Honda Civic Concept

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Review As in the past, the latest 2019 Honda Civic will use the same base and will use products as a precursor. However, this time, the geometry of the rear suspension will be modified for many of its models. Because? Well, it seems that the vehicle can receive a program of all wheels to generate

2019 Honda Civic Si Concept

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Review Honda acknowledged that there was little tire commentary for all stations, resulting in reduced performance. It will soon be resolved by Honda, so 2019 Honda Civic Si Car will have an ideal performance. There are also many advances offered by Honda with the goal that 2019 is the year that the 2019 Honda Civic

2019 Honda CR-V Concept

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Review If you buy a compact SUV crossover that stands out in your driveway, a line of parking or carpool, maybe I could keep looking. The 2019 Honda CR-V does not have a striking and consistent style inside or out. We score a point behind average for its neglected exterior, although its interior is rather

2019 Honda Fit Concept

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Review However, when the details on 2019 Honda Fit approaching model are scarce, it seems like it’s probably an average daily facelift instead of a new car. We can expect to have exactly the same platform and a truly linked structure. Unfortunately, this also means that the car is not much better than the recent

2019 Honda HR-V Concept

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Review Unlike its predecessor, the 2019 Honda HR-V is based on the same platform as the Fit model. A front lift tailgate slightly raised off the ground. Although the information on the model is still limited, the 2019 Honda HR-V should be much more attractive and more efficient. Comparable in size to the Honda CR-V,

2019 Honda Insight Concept

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Review 2019 Honda Insight should receive competitive fuel economy estimates with the best hybrid segment, with a style that will be a universal indoor and outdoor appeal, and the best passenger volume in its class, said Henio Arcangeli Jr, senior vice president of American Honda. Exterior and Interior The new 2019 Honda Insight was designed

2019 Honda Accord Concept

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Review Unlike its predecessor, the new model uses Honda’s new modular design that gives the Civic. This modular model of superior tire thrust allowed them to shave a little bit instead of the car with the same efficiency as a much more equipped work team. The NVH ranges have also increased considerably, while the architectural