2020 Chevrolet Colorado Concept

2020 Chevrolet Colorado High Country Towing Capacity Truck Four Door


When we talk, the truck depends on a chassis that is currently over six years old and outdated. However, this may not recommend that it is not as in a position as it was. In fact, GM continues to improve, so the next 2020 Chevrolet Colorado will probably be much more equipped than its predecessor. The chassis is adjusted to allow you to provide slightly higher structural stiffness without reducing weight. It is likely that the suspension system, in addition to the brakes, is not affected by the basic designs.

Exterior and Interior

The next 2020 Chevrolet Colorado is likely to be available primarily through a mid-size pickup with some models such as the extended single package cabin, an extended cab with a very long container, a double cab with quick wraps, a very stout crew long. The interior will be as comfortable and easy as possible, convenient, with the variety of the most excellent capabilities. It provides the infotainment system of the next era and presents many other features of GM Active Security and technological innovation.

The appearance is different from that of the old Chevrolet Colorado. You will find new components such as specific shock absorbers, a distinctive tire path, excellent elasticity, as well as an electronic locking process for this front, as well as subsequent differentials that make the product a significant improvement for 2020 Chevrolet Colorado. The performance of the road around the features. This interior design will include an armchair and a black leather steering wheel. The particular variety will probably come out as they have many unique pieces. The truck acquires massive 35 inch tires to make sure there is no dirt that can leave the car in the wild. They have special bumpers with a distinctive grille. It seems like it’s probably a similar stamp in the current fascia.


The base product will probably have exactly the same 2.5 liter four cylinder inline engine as the front. It’s not that bad, but it’s not going to be good in almost everything. Some have indicated that the pilot could only access the model in the fleet via the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado. Much more in the lineup, the 3.6 liter of generally aspirated V6 could be used, but it was the quick fix to improve the performance. sealing. at 330 horsepower and over 275 lb-ft of torque. The 2.8 liter diesel turbocharger with 181 hp will probably remain intact. We believe that GM can even choose to provide a more compact turbocharger, probably the 2 liter V4. This could provide about 250-280 horsepower and over 270 lb-ft. of torque, saving space compared to the two gasoline engines being built. The half dozen speed guides will be maintained. Although most likely, the 6 speed automated system is probably replaced by a newer, ten step, faster and much smarter vehicle.

Price and Release Date

We’re assuming the next┬áChevrolet Colorado will probably be launched in 2019 or even early 2020, but for the moment, there’s simply no accurate date information at this point. The upcoming 2020 Chevrolet Colorado will bring the highest price over the current price, as it would be around $ 43,000 in the all wheel drive version.

2020 Chevrolet Colorado Heavy Duty Horsepower Hybrid Steering Wheel

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