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BMW is studying the use of electrification, probably in the form of electric motors mounted in a gearbox, in the 2020 BMW M models to increase torque and reduce emissions. But the experts told Autocar that the 2020 BMW M3 will maintain a pure combustion engine system in order to save weight and prevent costs from escalating.

Exterior and Interior

Although at first glance it seems that this cloaking device is more than a standard 3 test mule series, further inspection reveals that it is much more than that. For example, take a look at this beautiful and great position, as well as the quartet of exhaust cones at the rear, which are certainly brands of the BMW M division, if asked. However, the new 2020 BMW M3 will certainly bring a more exaggerated appearance. This will surely catch the eye by thrilling a four door pump sedan that only screams at a compact sports machine. By transforming the luxury sedan into star performance, there will be a variety of aerodynamic parts from front to back, such as bigger rollovers and extra pointed wings. We also hope the 2020 BMW M3 will make the scene with wider tusks, with bows in front that will look particularly noisy. Along with this, there will be a lower driving height and parallel M skirts that bring it closer to the pavement (in visual terms). At the corners of the residence, there will be a set of split spoke wheels, offering a new design and a size between 19 and 20 inches in diameter.

In the cockpit of the 2020 BMW M3, expect to find the same configuration and design as the current model. This includes a lot of space, with a capacity of five passengers in total. The front panel includes a series of physical buttons to control the various functions of the car, while a large screen will be installed on the top of the dashboard to provide guidance on the current system status and navigation information. The rest of the board will continue with Bimmer’s tilt for horizontal design elements, extending to the doors and rear of the vehicle. The steering wheel will consist of three radios with a large number of buttons and switches, all of which will be easily accessible for easy use. Options should include both a heated steering wheel and heated seats. The central tunnel will have a rotating control and a V-shaped environment for the shifter, as one would expect from a model like this. However, there will be a big update of the steering wheel, where the group of indicators will probably be completely digital, which Audi and Mercedes have been working for a while. The seats will include adjustable and comfortable cruises as standard on the line.


While I was filming the images you see here, our spy photographer said he liked the sounds this tester was making. Indeed, under the hood, the 2020 BMW M3 will have a new powertrain package, which will become a two turbo six cylinder twin turbo 3.0 liter engine. Also known as the S58B30, it’s the same engine used in the M4, offering turbocharged speed with more momentum than the outgoing model, and smooth refinement with six cylinders and a nice exhaust note to boot. In terms of production, the 2020 BMW M3 could exceed 500 horsepower, with lower estimates culminating at 465 horsepower. The couple seems to be about 450 lb-ft of torque. Be that as it may, the new model will probably surpass the current 2020 BMW M3 Competition, which produces more than 444 horses at 60 mph in about 4 seconds. Meanwhile, the current standard 2020 BMW M3 model reaches the ends with 425 horsepower and 406 pounds of torque. With 2020 BMW M3, features like a navigation mode and start / stop system should also help reduce overall consumption. The change management rack is again a standard six speed manual case or, alternatively, an optional eight speed automatic ZF, the latter of which will come with a variety of configurations to adjust and adjust by mood or situation. . The eight speed car will replace the current model’s seven speed dual clutch unit, with the aforementioned configurations that also affect items such as engine response, steering response and door configuration. throughout the range Making an additional grip will be an infinitely variable locking differential.

Price and Release Date

The new 2020 BMW M3 should be on the market about a year after the launch of the new 3 Series, so expect the end of 2020 before you can buy it in the showrooms. This is most likely an entry price of around £ 62,000, which would represent an increase of just over £ 2,000 compared to the current car.

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