2019 Honda Insight Concept

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2019 Honda Insight should receive competitive fuel economy estimates with the best hybrid segment, with a style that will be a universal indoor and outdoor appeal, and the best passenger volume in its class, said Henio Arcangeli Jr, senior vice president of American Honda.

Exterior and Interior

The new 2019 Honda Insight was designed around the company’s recent style language, so it seems quite familiar, especially with respect to the new Clarity and Accord. The angular headlights, large grille is narrower at the level of the low bumpers and aggressive exits are features found in many other Honda models. On the other hand, the grid has a unique design with the insert “flying wing” placed on the top that meets the headlights. The side view is a little more generic than the exotic appearance of clarity, in the sense that it has tapered waist line that passes through the door handles. However, the 2019 Honda Insight significantly benefits from more front and rear muscle wings and a waistline that makes it stand out in the lineup. The back is a significant change from previous generations. While its predecessors had hatchback configurations, Honda opted for a quick sedan design for the new 2019 Honda Insight. The roof acquires a coupe like appearance as it descends to the rear fascia, while the trunk lid is quite short. But unlike most modern Fastbacks, there is no back door. This new design approach is a sign that Honda wants to better integrate the 2019 Honda Insight into its sedan lineup. A good decision if you ask me, because modern hybrids no longer need the uncomfortable and bubbly design of twenty years ago. By putting hybrid transmissions into a more conventional looking vehicle, Honda will make 2019 Honda Insight attractive to a wider audience. When buying a Prius, you have to be content with its extravagant design, but the 2019 Honda Insight offers the familiar look with which more customers can relate.

Just like the exterior, the interior looks familiar and shares some features with existing Honda models. It is modern and elegant compared to the previous model and also has unique features. The dashboard is particularly interesting with A / C vents in the center of the pile and the passenger side connected by a thin black and chrome strip. Not only does this give the cabin a superior appearance, it also gives it a more organic two level design. The entire board is also wrapped in a soft touch material and has real seams. The eight inch infotainment screen is located just below the central air vents, with more controls underneath. The configuration is clean and orderly and follows current trends. The screen includes the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The seven inch TFT dashboard displays vital information in a modern way and puts the 2019 Honda Insight in tune with other recently introduced hybrid cars.


To succeed, the 2019 Honda Insight will have to be very fuel efficient. To do this, the car will more than likely be driven by a hybrid system. Its predecessor used a 1.3 liter mill with natural suction and an electric motor. The combined production was simply 98 horsepower and 123 lb-ft of torque. However, he managed to drive well everyday, so people liked it. According to some information, Honda would be dealing with a new type of hybrid system. This would use a new generation of 1.0 liter turbo three that would be coupled with an electric motor of 15 to 20 horsepower. The result of completion will remain in the 100 horsepower zone, however, it should be closer to 150 lb-ft of torque. This system will drive the front wheels by means of a CVT transmission, so that the car should be able to move north of 55 MPG normally. This would allow it to outpace its competitors, but things are not secure yet.

Price and Release Date

If we consider that this is a test mule that Honda remains in the initial phase of development of the model, it is likely to be released 2019 Honda Insight in 2018. The end result should be a hybrid that costs less than $ 20,000. If Honda manages this, the 2019 Honda Insight may well become the best selling car in its class with an excellent margin.

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