2019 Ford Raptor Concept

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Although Ford has not talked much about it, there is still a lot of information on it. For starters, he will use the same chassis as the regular truck. However, Ford will renew all equipment to resist abuse. The video shows the lower aluminum control arms, the external stroke dampers and the massive displacement of the wheels. The brakes look like the normal truck, but in the rear, the 2019 Ford Raptor could use rotors instead of drums. Even though the chassis is the same, Ford has probably installed some clamps to keep it stiff during the high speed race in the desert.

Exterior and Interior

The 2019 Ford Raptor has distinct design features inside and outside this feature. At the front, a new and surprising grille incorporates the design notes of the company’s first high performance all terrain truck, the F-150 Raptor. The letter of the iconic FORD block, proudly placed in the drawing of the grid, is unequivocal when it comes out of a cloud of dust. A frame mounted front bumper system is designed to deliver long lasting desert performance and a distinctive presence. The front bumper also includes new LED fog lamps with functional air curtain ducts, which help reduce the body’s resistance to air. By using composite materials, the front fenders not only look sturdy, but also withstand bumps and bumps associated with off-road use. The flared shape of the fenders is necessary for long travel suspensions and large tires. Outdoor color palette offers include Blue Lightning, Red Race, Black Shadow, White and Frozen Single Color for Ranger Hero Raptor, Conquer Gray. The Dyno gray contrasts accentuate the look of the vehicle even more. The position of the vehicle is significantly larger from all angles, with an impressive height of 1873 mm, 2180 mm wide and 5398 mm long with wider front and rear tracks 1710 mm.

Inside, 2019 Ford Raptor offers an interior design like Ford Performance DNA with a high level of craftsmanship, harmonious colors and durable materials, suitable for both off-road driving and for everyday use. The seats are specially designed to withstand high speed off-road performance, allowing the driver to enjoy an enthusiastic ride while offering superior on road comfort. The use of the technical anchor on the seats for extra grip of the occupants shows the practicality of the choice of material. Several long distance driving events have been organized to measure the performance of seats over a long period of time, both on motorways and on off-road tracks, in order to simulate the use by customers. The dual hardness pad marked all the boxes, providing superior lateral support and a reduced feeling of any chassis vibration. This is achieved through a modified structure, using reinforcements in the seat back for extra support. By taking the wheel, 2019 Ford Raptor drivers will notice the detailed differences in the cockpit, whatever their appearance, including blue seams and leather details. The cluster has an aggressive style, which encompasses a series of driver assistance functions.


The 2019 Ford Raptor powertrain offers technology to deliver more power and torque, better fuel economy, less weight and specific off-road calibrations for the engine, transmission, transmission system, steering, brakes and control. Electronic stability (ESC). In a groundbreaking move to deliver incredible performance and response capability, the 10 speed transmission of a new 2.0 liter twin turbo diesel engine in the 2019 Ford Raptor delivers a maximum of 213PS (157kW) Power and 500Nm torque Ford engineers have extensively tested the new powertrain to test durability. This test involves running a “heat cycle” on the engine, heating the two turbos at bright red for 200 hours without stopping. It can withstand this torture by turbo and low pressure turbo (LP) bearings that are cooled with water to reduce the temperature to prevent overheating and protect the air intake components. Together, the smallest high pressure turbo (HP) is connected in sequence to the larger turbo LP and is controlled by bypass valves that determine the operating mode according to the engine speed. At low engine speeds, both turbochargers running in series, improving torque and responsiveness while at higher engine speeds, the smaller HP turbocharged, and neglected lower pressure turbo provides the momentum to deliver more power. The 10 speed automatic transmission designed by Ford and designed by Ford shares with the Raptor F-150 and created with high strength steel, aluminum alloys and composite materials to optimize durability and weight. Having 10 speeds means a broader relationship that results in better acceleration and better responsiveness. With more space to optimize gear spacing, engineers can customize gear progression much more efficiently than before, providing faster and faster gear shifting. The all new electronic system features adaptive real time programming algorithms designed to ensure that the correct report is selected at the right time. A single transmission calibration also includes a “Live in Drive” feature, which means that the pallets are always available for manual control of gear selection.

Price and Release Date

Despite this, most rumors seem to indicate that they will unveil it around the middle of 2018. This is much earlier than expected, but this change is mainly due to the fact that the prototype seems complete. So far, Ford has not said what is the price. However, the classic F-150 Raptor costs around $ 45,000, which means that the 2019 Ford Raptor will not be more expensive. Most suggest a base price of about $ 48,000, which would make sense, especially since competition is not as efficient.

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