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Naturally, the 2019 Ford Focus will not have many changes compared to the new generation standard model, however, it will have a large roof spoiler, a lower suspension and a good dose of energy marked between 250 and 275. power As far as we know, this power will come from a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine, but there are rumors of a 1.5 liter mill. This is not very likely, and this power would put it at the top of its reliable range, but it would offer some advantages at the expense of aftermarket tuning.

Exterior and Interior

Initially, we noticed a set of accent LED lights in the lower fascia. The grill looks like the one of the current model. It’s just that with 2019 MY has grown in size. It is also placed lower in the fascia, so that the headlights have more space but less space between them. Overall, it seems that the entire car now has a larger dimension compared to the current 2019 Ford Focus. The increase in size should offer more space inside. This move was necessary for 2019 Ford Focus to be on par with models such as Volkswagen Golf and Honda Civic. Size will not be enough to stay competitive. Blue Oval will also have to increase the technology and the quality of the material used. The interior was the most criticized part of previous generations of Ford Focus.

The spy photographer did not leave the camouflage side on the door to distract him from the goal. The focal point of the photos is the interior. Have the Fiesta as a Model 2019 The 2019 Ford Focus now has a similar arrangement with a large screen placed on the board. The screens of Ford vehicles get bigger with each model. This size in 2019 Ford Focus suggests that the SYNC system is present. When you move away from the screen, you can see that 2019 Ford Focus has a digital map. The infotainment receives many changes, but the size will be similar to the models of the competition. The size of the screen will probably be 12.3 inches as in the Peugeot and Volkswagen models. 2019 Ford Focus will have a highly flexible global platform. Most Ford cars in a C segment are based on the same fundamentals. These models include the Kuga / Escape crossover. The car will arrive in 2019, but before that, it will be presented next year. With this platform, the overall size of the tailgate will not change, but its wheelbase will be longer. Thanks to this, the legroom will be improved with the cargo space. With the growing popularity of SUVs, Ford’s people will have to do the best job possible with this model


The new 2019 Ford Focus has undergone big changes under the hood, including a complete change of three cylinder engines. While the outgoing model also had a four cylinder, the new sedan is offered with only 1.5 liters and five liters. However, four cylinder engines are still available in the list of diesel options. While the smaller Fiesta ST has also opted for a three cylinder, the Focus ST will likely continue to use a four cylinder. This is because the small three banger might not be very reliable with over 250 horsepower. Initially, I thought Ford would redesign the previous model’s 2.0 liter four cylinder EcoBoost to get more power and fuel efficiency, but a more recent report says the Blue Oval will go with another unit. Specifically, it is said that the next Focus ST will use the company’s 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine, which is already in the Mustang and Focus RS. Although there is no official confirmation of this and the spy plans still do not contain any clues, the exchange makes sense as the Focus RS model, which is at the top, is supposed to be hybrid. It is likely that the Focus ST is also the last door of Ford to use only gasoline, so it is safe to assume that the company wants to say goodbye. The 2.3 liter EcoBoost is capable of producing up to 270 horsepower in the Focus RS, so getting more than the outgoing model’s 252 horsepower and 270 lb-ft would not be a problem. Expect production to increase in the new model, but how much remains a mystery. The current Focus ST is already more powerful than the Volkswagen Golf GTI, so Ford may want to bring the Focus ST to the territory of Renault Megane RS. The French back comes with 275 horsepower on the faucet. Obviously, the EcoBoost plant can provide a lot more, so it would not be very surprising to see that production increases closer to 300 horsepower. With the next generation of Focus RS, which probably has 400 horsepower, the ST has plenty of room to become the most powerful in this niche. The only problem is that Ford finds the correct configuration for the 2.3 liter EcoBoost in a front wheel drive sedan. While the Mustang has rear wheel drive, the Focus RS features a full featured drive system.

Price and Release Date

Ford has not yet announced the launch date of the new 2019 Ford Focus. For now, we only know that it will go on sale in 2019. Production dates have not been announced yet. The official price is still far away. For reference, the 2019 Ford Focus starts at $ 19,920, including the S sedan’s destination and its reach can reach $ 25,345 for the Titanium Hatchback. The Focus ST models are currently starting at $ 26,045, well below the Focus RS, which will soon be off, with an MSRP of $ 41,995. Most versions of the 2019 Ford Focus tend to present aggressive industrial incentives. However, buyers should be aware that Ford often offers discounts to select certain packages like the SYNC & Sound option.

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