2019 BMW X1 Concept

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The latest records suggest that the 2019 BMW X1 has some major changes. It seems that the Bavarian manufacturer plans to modernize half of its production due to its small radius.

Exterior and Interior

Just before personally immersing myself, 2019 BMW X1 is an excessive amount in the appearance of this prototype, I want to mention that the problem has a relatively low lift travel system with strong brakes and a substantial increase in exhaust pipes. This means that it must be a higher version, possibly the M140i. Therefore, it is likely to cover a large number of hostile camouflage impulses, including dots and identified circular flow air, and a larger air barrier. And when you cross the screen around the edges, you can see the Curl fascia side at the base, which reinforces my thoughts on the most important aggressive mother nature. As always, we can not identify anything from the grid at this point, but it looks like the shape is getting better. It would have the usual rounded and stainless edges, but it should increase by at least 5 to 10%. In passing the headlights, these products will probably be a little softer than the last and seem to have a better triangular. It seems that they will use an individual projection system, but a smaller camera could hide under camouflage in the inner corner of the lenses. It seems that the bonnet will always have the same body line as each pillar has headlights. However, core collections based on the current version seem to have relaxed for the next technology. Extreme development, however, brings us to a whole new world of change.

Around the details and entry entertainment, 2019 BMW X1 expected that the identical monitor most BMW models is drifting around the central games of the console, but will benefit from the latest software program that presents the graphic representation a three dimensional user interface and graphic as the mobile phone. If your design is actually provided with semi autonomous capabilities, there must be some control for this method, or even the board will have a digital reputation over standard analog measurements. The foundation design seats must provide a respectable help, but the more peripheral degrees, the M140i with the M1, receive more support on the front seat to support the energetic style of a car to develop a BMW by using A badge As a 2019 product, we still have a little time to wait patiently for BMW to be so may have something different planned.


This update will probably not be changes under the hood. The 2019 BMW X1 will continue with the same google in the offer. North American style comes with a four cylinder inline 2.0 liter, which provides about 228 horsepower and 258 lb / ft of torque. It comes with an 8 speed automatic transmission. With this amount of energy, a small junction needs about 6.5 a few moments to reach 60 mph, while gas mileage of about 26 mpg in the mixed unit. For some other markets, there’s also a 134 hp 1.5 liter three cylinder and a 2.0 liter diesel that is available in different output options from 150 to 230 hp.

Price and Release Date

The 2019 BMW X1 will arrive somewhere in the second half of next season. Although you probably have some important changes, the cost should be the same. This means that the design of the platform will be around $ 35,000.

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