2019 BMW M5 Concept

2019 BMW M5 Waiting Carsales Competition Package


Like its predecessor, the competition pack adds new features to the interior and exterior and injects a little more power under the hood. The update is far from overwhelming, but gives customers access to a little more aggressive and improved outdoor performance leading to 2019 BMW M5 near the E63 lyncher S. Mercedes Benz AMG

Exterior and Interior

As in the previous generation, the new 2019 BMW M5 competition pack is identical to the 2019 BMW M5 standard abroad, with the exception of some special items. At the front, the kidney grille is a gleaming black instead of a chrome, while the BMW bonnet of the engine cover has black details. On the sides, the sedan sports the standard black trim of the 2019 BMW M5 window, but it also has bright black mirror caps and black fender gills. The sedan is now mounted on 20 inch light alloy wheels with seven spoke design. The side view is complemented by body colored door handle inserts. The rear fairing is identical to the 2019 BMW M5 standard, except for some minor additions, including the glossy black spoiler trunk lid and matching bumper diffuser. The revised exhaust system includes four black exhaust pipes. The luggage compartment now features a black “M5 Competition” badge. Finally, the 2019 BMW M5 competition gets standard BMW Dark Frozen Dark Silver metal paint. Everything else remains identical to the 2019 BMW M5 standard, which is not a problem since the sedan is quite sporty.

The competition package does not change the design of the 2019 BMW M5, but we can see the color combinations that will be proposed. Naturally, the sedan comes with a fully black interior with a standard design, a typical design for performance models. Fortunately, black is not the only color available, as we can also see it combined with white seats, a white central armrest and matching door panels. For an elegant appearance, you can choose the black and brown option. The latter is also used on the seats, the central armrest and the door panels, but you can also opt for a lower panel that combines to give a fresh two tone appearance. BMW does not have much to say about other extras, but I can see the same plethora of badges like M’s standard, sporty seats and upholstery cube Merino high quality leather. As usual, BMW Individual semi aniline leather should be optional. A unique feature is the aluminum trim and dark chrome carbon on the dashboard. Sedan has also enhanced the benefits of the new Infotainment Series 5 screen, more storage space in the door panels and improved sound absorbing materials to reduce noise in the cabin. The front seats are adjustable in 20 positions and include ventilation and massage functions, while the entire technology features a 10.25 inch high resolution touch screen that provides access to navigation, phone, vehicle functions and entertainment, as well as Apple CarPlay. Wi-Fi access point and wireless charging. There is also the new gesture control feature introduced with the latest generation of the 5 series.


That’s where the magic comes in, as the Competition Pack adds a little extra boost to the 2019 BMW M5’s 4.4 liter V8 engine. Dual turbo unit 25 generates additional power compared to the 2019 BMW M5 standard, which leads to a total power of 617 horsepower (PS 625). The pair remains unchanged at 553, which is a little disappointing. The new 2019 BMW M5 racing pack also has 25 extra horsepower and 37 pounds more than the previous model. The extra boost also makes the sedan faster than the standard 2019 BMW M5. While the latter requires 3.4 seconds to reach 62 mph, the new competition package model reaches the benchmark of 3.3 clicks. The gap is even larger compared to the previous series of competitions, which was slower by half a second in 3.9 seconds. Of course, the new all wheel drive system contributes greatly to this improvement. There are no words for the maximum speed, but it must have a value of 189 mph as standard. On the regular 2019 BMW M5, going from 155 to 189 mph requires an additional option.

Price and Release date

Price information for the new competition package is not yet available, but must be kept close to the previous package, retail for $ 7,300. With the 2019 BMW M5 standard priced at $ 102,600, the 2019 BMW M5 package is expected to cost about $ 111,000 before the options.

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